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With more than 6 million internally displaced people in Syria, the need for Shelter is ever-growing.

Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and are moving into make-shift shelters.

Many others are forced to sleep out in the open, with nothing but the supplies they left their homes with. 

Our teams in Syria regularly carry out needs assessments in areas with high populations of IDP’s, this provides us with an insight into their needs, and the ever-changing demographics of different areas in Syria. 

Through our shelter projects, we help to establish refugee camps and provide people with the basics they need to survive.


1- provision of shelter and livelihood assistance (cash for - work) to IDPs in northern Syria (Al Bab & Atareb sub districts /Aleppo Governorate)

provide a shelter for 300 IDPs families (1800 beneficiaries) in vulnerable situations affected by conflict ,Through rehabilitation of 40 unfinished buildings in Al Bab sub district and Al atareb sub district /Aleppo governorate. 

provide shelter interventions through repair /improvement and quick impact employment – generating activity ,including cash for – work schema project for shelter repair  identify a total of 300 IDPs families in sub district of Al Bab to provide shelter , and to provide cash – work for 60 (sixty) vulnerable beneficiaries through shelter rehabilitation .

Installing of external, and bathrooms walls by sandwich panel,5cm (shelter sandwich panel is one of the strongest material) ,doors and windows.
Building of internal walls by hollow bricks (40cmx20cmx15cm).
installing toilets, washing and water supply .

  • Heating project: 7100 rations were distributed to 7100 households ,each kit consisting of (750 kg coal + stove) in Afrin , Aleppo countryside , Idelb countryside , and the countryside of Hama

  • Tent distribution project: 270 tents were distributed to 270 households in Afrin , Jarablus and  Al-Bab countryside

  • Hygiene Kit Distribution Project: 4350 kits of non-food items were distributed to more than 4000 households in Jarablus , Afrin , Bab , Ain Issa (Al Riqqa) and Daret Azza>

  • Winter rations distribution project: 7000 winter clothing kits were distributed to 7000 households in Afrin, Atareb and Daret Azza.