Who are we ?​

We are a Non-governmental, non-profit, and independent organization.
We work on providing support and subsidies to the poor, stricken families and
IDP in the minimum required to meet the basic necessities of life .
As a response to the effects of war in Syria, our mission is to support the affected
people by provision of :
Health assistance
Food aid to the poor
Contributing to the dissemination of environmental awareness and eradication
of illiteracy
Spreading knowledge, care for the disabled, rehabilitation, training of women,
and care for displaced children.
The Sons Of War was Established in Aleppo, Syria, 2011 - and has two Offices,
in (Huraytan and Darat-Azza), and an office in Kilis, Turkey, Where it was
registered in 2015 with the registration number (79-003-030).

grow and develop their capabilities to increase their values
and choices.
Equipping the youth with modern knowledge and
necessary skills to help them contribute to the development
of their society.
Motivate the young to take part in initiatives and
philanthropy, and investing their energies and motivating
them to gain the original values of their culture and spread
them among their community.
Sustainability: we support sustainable development where
possible, we work on developing experiences, identities,
and aspirations of beneficiaries.

© Registered by date 2015 Registration number 79-003-03 Turkey - Kilis

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+90 531 941 24 03

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Şevket Bulut Cd. No:4, İsmet Paşa Mahallesi, 79000 Kilis Merkez/Kilis