Child Protection Policy 

Many children around the world were exposed to violence by those who are supposed to provide protection and care for them.

Violence reduces their developing opportunities and also violence separate  family’s construction, influences in community coherence,threats teaching ,consumes precious natural resources to get rid of violence is basic right.Son of War organization undertakes to protect, guarantee children anywhere and at any times.

Sexual violence considers a very sensitive subject for both girls and boys .

The abuse goes back to internet network, loss of safety and security,mobile phone and also cinema responsible about that, influence of western culture at the same time,overpopulation,deterioration of economic situation where many people share living in small spaces.

Sons of war policy toward harassment of children :

1-Sons of War reaffirms that the agreement of child rights in addition to other agreements

2-Sons of War ensures that the violence focused on girls and boys which fatal breach for human rights.

3-Sons of War ensure that any action based in gender base violence consequent sexual, physical damage or psychological suffering for children or girls including threat of action like compulsion

4-Son of war encourages countries to condemn violence against girls and boys which happens in armed conflicts and post- conflict situations.

5-Sons of War realizes that all the international child rights inseparable, coherence and interrelated 

6-Sons of War recognizes that each country should have its special standards for violence according to its understanding unification of concepts unacceptable

7-Sons of War ensures access boys and girls to justice without obstacles ,effective legal help and cases related with family,criminal law