Logictic Policy :

This document private organization the sons of war It consists of two parts:

1- Procurement executive management: This section means all purchases of units of the executive management of materials, equipment and tools.... etc

This unit until all its branches and offices, executive tasks to the fullest

The procurement department at the Directorate of financial and accounting management of all private affairs executive management unit procurement process starting from the planning stage of the purchase and implementation phase, through the procurement process

2- Procurement projects: I mean, this section of the project to all purchases of materials and services and business tools ... etc until the implementation of the project and complete it fully

The project procurement department at the Directorate software manages all project-specific procurement process starting from the planning stage through to purchase and contracting phase and the end of the implementation phase of the procurement process

The policy includes :

  • Types of purchases

  • Purchase ways

  • Procurement sections

  • Stages of work procurement (procurement planning)

  • Stages of work procurement (procurement phase)

  • Procurement stages of the work (the implementation phase of purchases)

  • The general conditions of purchases

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