Finance Policy

An accounting policy and procedure manual documents the policies and procedures an organization should use to record and monitor financial transactions. Documentation of accounting policies and procedures is important because it provides clarity regarding internal processes. Its purpose is to help in:

  • Recording all financial transactions

  • Monitoring and controlling expenditures

  • Satisfying statutory reporting requirements

  • Ensuring timely and accurate financial and management reporting to donors and grant- makers.

     In general, this directory should include the areas covered in section (1, 2). Since the Sons of War organization is growing in terms of level of activity and number of donors, it will be necessary to update the procedures manual accordingly.

The policy includes :

  • Policy & Procedures Manual   

  • Accounting policy

  • Procedures

  • General ledger

  • Cash management and Disbursements

  • Budgeting and Budgetary control

  • Fixed Assets

  • Travel

  • Procurement of goods and services

  • Reporting Requirments

  • Payroll

  • Branch Accounting

  • Corporate Governance